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Professional photography – Worth it or not?

Posted by Taylor Musseau on June 20, 2017
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I’m finally ready to admit it – I have been a bit spoiled.

I am no stranger to the fact that first impressions are everything. If you dress yourself poorly for a job interview, chances are you wont get the job. If you show up looking like a slob on a first date, don’t expect a call. If you post terrible photos of your home, don’t count on anyone to wanting to view it.

Its a fact of life, sometimes looks are everything.

As a Century 21 agent I have always been proud to offer professional photography to all of my sellers. I have only ever worked for Century 21 and it has always been a part of my listing package. I have never actually had to think of the alternative, and how it would affect my clients. If I didn’t present the best possible version of their home would it reduce the chances of it selling? Would it possibly sell for less?

Which home would you be more likely to want to view?

This quite clearly shows the importance of lighting, angles and overall imagery quality. I would say the majority of buyers would not hesitate to book a showing for a property that displayed pictures similar to the photo on the right. On the flip side, they may pass right by the listing if it was filled with photos similar to the one on the left.

Let me give you a few more reasons to work with an agent that offers professional photography. We will start with one of my favorites; The classic “Realtor Reflection”

Or how about this one to show buyers how much fun they could have in their new kitchen.

Or the exterior photo of the building to show its curb appeal

Yes, these are all real photos from real listings.

So next time you are thinking of selling your home, put some though into who is going to represent it best. Choose an agent who values the beauty of your home as much as you do.


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